Commissioning a Mural


 If you are interested in commissioning a mural from Alice, the first step is to contact her via the Contact Alice page. After your initial enquiry, a discussion of your requirements will allow Alice to understand what you are hoping to achieve, explore ideas and provide an understanding of the cost involved.

There really is no limit as to what can be created for a mural so let your imagination run away with you. If you are stuck for ideas, don’t panic! Collecting images and references from books, photographs or magazines may help you along the way, and Alice will be able to offer suggestions where needed.

Either an emailed photograph of the space or a site visit will be required to determine the size of the area in question before any design work or pricing can begin. Once this and any questions have been clarified, Alice will form an estimate for the work which will include materials and travel expenses. Alternatively, you can indicate a budget that you have in mind so that Alice can design something accordingly.

After all the formalities are met and a price is agreed upon, the design work begins! Alice will draw upon all corners of her imagination to create the perfect mural for you, and once a final design is approved there is nothing to stop her!


Commissioning a Portrait


After initial contact with Alice via the Contact Alice page, a brief discussion clarifying your request will determine to Alice the style and type of portrait you would like.

 Just like the murals, a portrait has no limit to its design and appearance. A few popular style examples could be a delicate pencil drawing, a Pop-Art inspired piece, a photo-realistic painting or an energetic sketch. Alice will talk with you about background design, medium and size as well as composition and style to prepare a beautiful and unique portrait for your special occasion.

 A photograph of the highest possible quality is all that is required, preferably one taken in natural lighting, as flash can alter colours. Extra images of the subject are also welcome as references and all can be sent via email or CD.

 Once all design aspects have been decided and a price agreed upon, then Alice can begin your portrait. A photograph of the final piece will be emailed to you for your approval and once payment has been received, Alice will have the portrait delivered to you.The nude female portrait above was commissioned as an anniversary gift for a boyfriend. The sitter wanted something ‘sketchy, black and white and affordable’. She said of the finished piece…

‘I am so chuffed and absolutely love my portrait. I love the style of the painting, it is so different and suits my boyfriend perfectly!’


Delicate pencil drawings are very popular as Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts. To make it even more special, Alice will gift wrap the drawing (up to A2 size) in protective tissue and board, finished off with a bow of ribbon…all you have to do is hand it to the lucky person with a smile.