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 I have been drawing portraits since I can remember! I began making them as gifts and as a hobby at secondary school and then more commercially after finishing my degree in Fine Art at the University of Leeds. Since then I haven’t really ever stopped.

I work as a full time Scenic Artist in the south east for theatre, TV and film and have had the privilege of painting for some of the world’s top designers and on some of the world’s biggest and most spectacular productions and stages. Naturally, this led me to begin designing and painting murals too which I absolutely love. In the past have painted murals to go around swimming pools. in hospitals and for children's bedrooms. The moments when clients, especially children, see their murals for the very first time is truly unforgettable and special.

Alongside all of this, my love for portrait drawing has never faded. Being able to capture a moment and memory in a drawing for someone is a real honour and one that never ceases to move or inspire me.

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