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Step by Step

Initial Conversation and Quoting

An initial discussion of your requirements and ideas including the theme and size, will allow me to understand what you are hoping to achieve, explore ideas and provide an understanding of the cost involved. From here I will supply you with a quote which will cover the design process, painting the mural, materials and travel costs (for more information on pricing click here).


Alternatively, you can indicate a budget that you have in mind so that I can design something to fit within it.

A deposit of 50% will be required to confirm the commission, reserving a time slot for painting the mural and all design work.

Choosing a Theme

Deciding on a theme for a mural can seem quite a daunting task. There really is no limit to what can be created so let your imagination run away with you. If you are stuck for ideas, don’t panic! Collecting images and references from favourite books, photographs or magazines may help you along the way, and I will be able to offer suggestions where needed.


For children’s bedrooms, some popular themes are princesses, pirates, space and nature for example. But a colourful pattern to cover the walls, a simple rainbow or gentle cloud scene could be just as effective and colourful.

Flowermuralfor homepage.jpg
peter rabbit and benjamin bunny.jpg
jazzy the mermaid final.jpg

The Space


Either an emailed photograph and measurements of the space or a site visit will be required to determine the size of the area in question before any design work or pricing can begin. This is also the point when any furniture positions should be mentioned, to avoid that moment when the mural is finished, only to have the wardrobe stood in front of it!

That said, murals can be continued onto some furniture and radiators (if they are made of appropriate material) which can add another dimension to the space too.

The wall will need to be prepared and painted with a chosen background colour to freshen it up before the mural painting can start and we can discuss what that colour should be, choosing something that will be sympathetic to the design so that your mural will look it's best within the room when it is all finished.

The Design

I will draw on all references and corners of my imagination to design the perfect mural for you. This will come in the shape of a miniature, scaled down painting and will indicate the proposed colour scheme, content and layout. It won't represent exact detail, as that is difficult to capture in miniature, but will be what I follow when painting the real thing, alongside working from reference material for the finer details.


My work in the theatre industry as a scenic artist, means I have a wealth of different techniques to draw on when both designing and painting the mural for you.

I will then supply you with a scan or high resolution photograph of the design via email for us to discuss.

If you would like any alterations to be made, I will happily discuss this with you and do me best to make any amendments to the design until you are happy with it.


Once you have emailed me to confirm you are happy with the design, and the painting process has begun, any further changes will have to be at my discretion and may end up adding to the final cost if they step too far away from the agreed design (more information on this can be found in my terms and conditions page).

The pictures below show the design and finished mural for a new born baby's nursery.

The parents asked me to design something around nature with a central tree and a blue and pink palette. They sent me images and references of things they had seen and liked, and from these and our discussions I put together this design.

On seeing the design, the clients asked me to change a couple of things; the width of the grey border so it was less prominent and reduce the level of blue throughout to brighten it, which I did during the painting process. 

I also painted the bedroom furniture with the same theme which really brought the room together.

saras mural design.jpg
saras mural 5.jpg

The Design

The Finished Mural

The Painting Bit

Now comes the fun bit, when the actual painting begins and your space begins to transform.

The time it takes to complete the painting process will vary depending on the size and amount of detail within it, but I will be able to advise you on this once we have agreed the design, at which point we can schedule in a time that is convenient for the painting to take place.

The painting process is fairly contained and mess free, so disruption to you should be minimal.

I only use waterbased paints that are quick drying and non toxic and once it is complete, I will seal the mural with a water-based, flat (non-shiney) glaze that will protect it and allow any marks from grubby fingers to be wiped away more easily.


All of this means you can get back into the room almost immediately after my work is complete and enjoy the mural and your newly transformed space.

sarah prior bedroom 2.jpg
childrens mural.jpg
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